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Document Drafting Services for Attorneys-

Siskiyou Legal Center offers a wide variety of legal document drafts; from opposition discovery to formal pleadings and responses. Attorney clients can access Siskiyou Legal Center's password protected website to upload relevant case files for drafting purposes and to view completed documents in their own secure area.

Legal Research-

Siskiyou Legal Center can provide premium research in relevant statutory authority and the latest legal authority to fortify your position and substantiate your basis. Many times, attorneys and others rely upon stale cites from old rulings and risk losing the interest of the court. Don't settle for the minimum when the best can give you a knock-out punch and drive your point home against the opposition.

Forms Available-

Siskiyou Legal Center can provide form documents for many types of legal matters; from Family Law matters such as Custody and Divorce to Estate Planning to business documents for Attachments and Contracts.

Trademarks and Copyrights-

If you have a trademark that you want to register, Siskiyou Legal Center can help you to prepare your trademark application for submission to USPTO for a minimal fee. Siskiyou Legal Center can also research your mark for any conflicts with existing marks.

Offering Services for Multiple Jurisdictions-

Siskiyou Legal Center can assist you in matters in Federal, Oregon, and California jurisdictions. (California assistance offered to attorneys.)

American Common Law Foundations

Anglo Saxon and Anglo Norman Law in England


  1. Justice was served via self help and vengeance based upon custom - the offended party was free to exercise retribution upon the offender within bounds set by custom.
  2. Self help was available if wrongdoer was apprehended in the commission of the act or could be tracked from the scene of the crime; otherwise, justice was meted out by the Moot or tribal council.
  3. The Christian church arrived and brought with it the
  4. Right of Sanctuary wherein a defendant might seek refuge in a place of worship.
  5. Trial by Compurgation - both the accuser and the accused presented compurgators (character witnesses) and the burden of proof relied upon the strength of their testimonials.


    The Trial by Ordeal gained acceptance:
  1. Trial by Water:
    1. Cold - the accused was cast into a lake or river; if they floated they were innocent.
    2. Hot - the accused had a limb plunged into boiling water and innocence was determined by the wounds ability to heal.
  2. Trial by Fire - the accused was made to grasp a hot iron or walked across burning plowshares and innocence was determined by the wounds ability to heal.
  3. The Accursed Morsel - accused is made to eat a piece of bread or other dry substance, over which certain prayers had been made, without the aid of any liquid to wash it down; if the accused choked he was condemned.


  • Doom System - established by king Ethelbert in 600A.D., the Doom system created a list of offenses and corresponding fees to be paid as compensation to the victim in lieu of vengeance. If compurgatory evidence was insufficient, determination of guilt was made by the moot.
  • Hierarchy of Judicial System


    Hundred Court

    Shire Court or Moot


  • Merchant Courts were established to rule upon these particular kinds of cases.

  • 1066 A.D. - William the Conqueror established the Aula Regis a.k.a Curia Regis or King's Court composed of the concilium ordinarium who became circuit justices.

  • 1200 A.D. - 3 separate common law courts of jurisdiction had been established:

    Curia Regis

    presided over criminal matters

    Court of the Exchequer

    presided over matters of taxes and dues

    Court of Common Pleas

    presided over civil matters


  • 1677 A.D. - Parliament enacted the Statute for The Prevention of Frauds and Perjuries and recognized property rights in patents, copyrights, debts and corporate stocks.
  • 1695 A.D. - The preparation of law reports by authorized individuals was formalized.  Licensing of legal practitioners was instituted.
  • 1730+ A.D. - Under the influence of Lord Mansfield the body of commercial law developed by the merchant courts became a part of English common law.

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